Today, during his last stream, @imilnb shared a way to connect the twitch chat to IRSSI !

IRSSI is the best IRC client i’ve ever used, and it turns out the twitch chat uses this same protocol.

So if you are also an IRSSI lover and wants to interact with the twitch chat using IRSSI, then follow this how to !

Because sometime the internet forget things, and websites comes and go, here is the steps to follow :

  • /network add -nick [username] Twitch
  • /server add -auto -ssl -network Twitch 6697 [oauth password]
  • /connect Twitch
  • /join #favoriteStreamerName
  • /save to make the config permanent


  • [username] is your twitch user name,
  • [oauth password] is a oauth token you can get here,
  • #favoriteStreamerName is the the streamer you want to connect to ( ex: #imilnb )